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A few years ago, my son and I wanted to play some beach volleyball but didn’t have any other players to put a game together. Since it is not possible for us to each cover a 30’ x 30’ side of the empty volleyball court, we improvised.

We started by creating our own “court” by carving lines in the sand with our feet and arranged some open beach chairs on their side to act as a short net. After some trial and error, followed by several “tweaks”, we discovered that it was entirely possible to play a volleyball-like game without the need for 6-12 players, and without the need for a basketball court-sized section of beach. Thus, Mini-v™ was born!

A key component to Mini-v™ is that it can be played with as few as two players. The Mini-v™ court is specifically designed to foster competitive play by only 2-4 players without the need for excessive space. The Official Rules© provide more specifics, but another key component to Mini-v™ is that spiking of the ball is virtually eliminated by the fact the players are not permitted into the “Dead Zone” (the space that is 3’ from each side of the net) similar to the “kitchen” in pickleball. This allows for consistent fair play and the development of precise ball control by people of all ages and heights.

Through the development of a lawn version, Mini-v™ is also no longer confined to the beach. Many of us don’t have (or want to devote) a significant portion of our yards to a traditional volleyball court. The Mini-v™ lawn version is the perfect alternative because it will fit in smaller yards that would never before have seen volleyball play or can be tucked away in the corner of larger yards without a whole yard commitment. Both versions come in a quality Mini-v™ carrying case for easy transportation. Welcome to the new world of Mini-v™!

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