Lawn Set Setup Instructions

STEP ONE: Install Ground Stakes

  • Use a tape measure (not included) to measure the four corners of the Mini-v court (26’0 x 11’-0) and carefully insert a Ground Stake ¾ of the way into the ground leaving the holes on top of the Ground Stake exposed;
  • The remaining 2 Ground Stakes are then inserted half way down each of the 26’-0 lengths so that they will be directly under the net when installed.  As with the corners, the center Ground Stakes should be inserted ¾ of the way into the ground leaving the holes on top of the Ground Stakes exposed.

STEP TWO: Install Boundary lines

  • Beginning at any corner, thread one end of the 75’-0 Boundary Line through the hole at the top of each ground stake forming the perimeter lines of the Mini-v court;
  • Wrap each end of the Boundary Line around the top of the beginning Ground Stake corner making sure to keep the Boundary Line taut;
  • Using a rubber mallet (not included), carefully tap the top of each Ground Stake until they are each flush with the ground.

STEP THREE: Install Baseplates and Baseplate Anchors

  • Approximately 3” – 5” outside of each of the center Ground Stakes, place a Baseplate on a level surface with one edge of the Baseplate parallel to the Boundary Line;
  • Carefully insert a Baseplate Anchor through each of the pre-drilled holes in each Baseplate until firmly secured into the ground.

STEP FOUR: Install Posts and Net

  • Insert one 36” PVC Pipe (non-Bell) into each Sand Anchor and tighten the screw on each Sand Anchor so that the PVC Pipe is secure in the Sand Anchor;
  • Insert the Bell end of the remaining PVC Pipes over each of the PVC Pipes in the Sand Anchors, making sure the “eye” in each of the eye screws on the PVC Bell Pipes are facing away from the Mini-V court.  Lightly push down on the PVC Bell Pipes to ensure each are snuggly over the bottom PVC Pipe;
  • Unfold the Mini-V Net and place on the ground from pole to pole;
  • Making sure the Mini-v logo on the Net is right side up, thread the rope on each side of the Net through the corresponding eye screws on the poles and tie each string securely when the Net is relatively taut.

STEP FIVE: Install Pole Tiebacks and Dead Zone Lines

  • Thread the loop on the Pole Tiebacks through the top eye screw on each pole, securing it.  Holding poles in vertical position then, using a rubber mallet or equivalent (not included), gentle tap the Pole Tieback stakes into ground at 45 degree angle, 3’ – 5’ feet from each pole and 3’ – 5’ apart, making sure to completely bury the stakes.  Using the tightening glide, adjust the tension so that the Net in taut;
  • Install the Dead Zone Lines 3’-0 from the center Ground Stakes on each side of the Net by tying each end to the Boundary Line on each side. 


  • Always exercise caution when installing the Ground Stakes to ensure there are no buried objects in the area of installation.
  • Keep hands away from the top of the Ground Stakes when gently tapping the Ground Stakes into the ground.
  • DO NOT use excessive force when installing the Ground Stakes as this may cause the top of the Ground Stakes to crack or chip.
  • CHOKING HAZARD: This product contains small parts.  Not suitable for children under 8 years.
  • The Boundary Line, Dead Zone Lines and Pole Tie Back strings may present a tripping hazard.  Use caution during play and/or around the Mini-v court.
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